Company profile

Established in 2009, by founding members with extensive experience in the field of hospital linen and clothing supply



Constantly looking for new solutions we focus our philosophy on the concepts of Innovation, Creativity and Think Green. We are moving forward with the aim of increasing our presence on a market open to the future, offering a portfolio of cutting-edge products at an international level, with state of the art production plants.


We operate as a manufacturer, distributor and partner in the development of RTT protective gowns and drapes to be used in operating rooms for the safety and comfort of patients and clinical staff, providing a solution to the demanding end-use conditions in the high-performance area. We also commercialize Personal Protective Equipment, custom-designed garments to protect the wearer's body from injury in the workplace.
Our surgical products are certified 13795 according to the requirements of the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC referred to as the Medical Device Directive CE-marked. Ministry of Health (Law Decree 46/97).


The main objective is customer satisfaction, which Pluritex ensures by:

  • The contribution of textile R&D excellences in Italy and abroad;
  • Promoting a continuous search for innovative products sourcing the best quality ones;
  • Maintaining a constant control on the manufacturing process and on the production quality standards by QC management systems: from weaving to packaging of finished products.

Our consolidated know-how, gained over the years, has allowed us to implement the research and development of the materials used to provide innovative and top quality products.
A network of synergic partnerships with companies operating in this sector guarantees very high performance, safety and flexibility.

Why work with us
  • Reliability

    Our fabrics are constantly tested under chemical/ physical/ microbiological properties, in order to suit best to the law requirements.
  • Research & development

    The continuous investment in R&D department makes as at the forefront in the protective clothing field and allows us to develop cutting-edge products at an international level.

  • Sustainability

    Reusable surgical textile are friendly on the environment since they can be reprocessed and reused many times, and at the end of life-cycle they can be downgraded for continuance as an alternate use product.