Research & Development


The in-depth knowledge of new markets, the use of state-of-the-art equipment for in-house product testing, together with the close cooperation of professional textile associations allowed us to develop an highly valuable technical know-how.

Today our R&D specialists work in team merging all personal skills in order to constantly develop innovative new materials, methods, processes for existing and potential Customers.

Thanks to the synergy with specialized product managers, research centres, universities and think tanks textile and chemical engineers for commercial and technical support, we are able to provide a complete customer oriented service constant in time. Everyone involved can contribute to the birth of a new application.


In order to suit best to the law requirements, the fabrics used for surgical gowns and drapes manufacturing are constantly tested.
These are some of the methods carried out at the in-house laboratory.

Company profile

Pluritex S.r.l. is a dynamic company with extensive experience in the hospital textiles sector...


Reusable Surgical Gown - High Performance

Reusable Surgical Gown ePTFE Laminate Barrier Fabrics