July 23, 2020



Pluritex is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with idsMED Group.

idsMED Group is one of the largest integrated solutions providers of medical equipment, supplies and services in Asia. idsMED Group has an extensive distribution network covering various healthcare institutions including government and private hospitals, day surgery centers, specialist and primary care clinics, laboratories and nursing homes. idsMED Group successfully operates in 8 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

We hold tight to same values to make sure we deliver the best solutions with the best products.


InnoQ is the medical consumables house brand offered by idsMED Group

Reusable textiles are THE environmentally sustainable choice. Together we aim to educate our customers on the many benefits of reusable textiles, including surgical gowns and protective coveralls.

“The Covid-19 event has shown a spotlight on the acute vulnerability our healthcare systems have in its reliance on disposable PPE/Medical Device. Hospitals that have reusable PPE/Medical Device programs are not having serious shortages — soiled PPE/Medical Device can be washed  and re-used. Many healthcare organizations and professionals are learning from this and signing up to convert to reusable PPE/Medical Device”

Link to our video InnoQ RTT Coverall Set

Link to our video

Link to the news on idsMed's website