January 22, 2015


Pluritex moves forward - Siomed Asset Acquisition

Since 2011 Pluritex has been distributing high quality surgical gowns and drapes, mainly on the Italian market.  It has always been our ambition to act internationally .

We are now very proud to announce that we have taken over the medical activity of Sioen NV, our supplier for the operation theatre products.
We now have our own manufacturing sources and full access to a WDA (washing, drying, steam sterilization) laboratory.  It is our full intention to further develop new products that can be tested until end of life in the WDA laboratory.

We feel confident that this acquisition will be an important milestone in the history of Pluritex and that it will allow us to even improve our level of service to our customers.
This growth-related event follows in the very near future with appointments to visit and discuss what we can mean for key companies in the actual Sioen NV Customer portfolio and other potential ones with the prospective of assuring continuity by maintaining and upgrading actual supplies and services.

Pluritex is focusing on an exciting growth environment and is consequently doubling all inherent sources.
Pluritex expects to benefit from the acquired business know-how as well as the acquired business' ability to develop products suited to needs in the global market.
"Success in today's medical market depends on identifying a niche and thoughtfully putting into place the team, technologies and business model to serve that market"