Reusable Surgical Drapes - High Performance

Reusable Surgical Drapes High Performance

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Liquid-Proof Barrier in ePTFE laminate Fabric for most critical area.
Poly/Carbon Fabric for less critical area.

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PU coated breathable fabric.

Available in several colors. Customizable with company LOGO on woven label.

RTT: ePTFE laminate for most critical area; Poly/Carbon Fabric (99% Polyester +1% Carbon) for less critical area

Quality products with validated classification:
Medical DIN EN 13795-1-2-3.
Resistance to water vapor (permeability and breathability) and to heat ISO 11092.
Flammability and abrasion resistance DIN 66083.
Products in compliance with the EC Directive 93/42 EEC.